Artisan Bread Making Courses run on a booking basis throughout the year. 


The course is designed to develope our bread making skills. We will show you all you need to know about starting out with sourdough breads. We also show you a range of techniques when using fresh yeast. We will make a range of breads using different stoneground flours, which will then enable you to feel confident at home when baking your own varieties of bread.


For us our baking began when we were so inspired by the vitality and taste of a homemade loaf that was center of a celebratory feast. This embodied fresh, country bread. For nearly a decade we have enjoyed learning about different techniques, different varieties of breads from different countries and the many different lives that become part of the story of bread. 


For us there is something so enriching and satisfying about a hand made loaf.


The day course costs £125.00. We provide a homemade lunch. All you need to bring is an apron and we take care of the rest.



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